Susanne Vind
is a specialist in psychiatry

Vice President of The International Society of Schema Therapy

She has worked with psychotherapy for more than 25 years – over the past 15 years mainly with schema therapy, which is a special form of cognitive therapy.

Since 2007 Susanne has worked exclusively as a private practicing specialist, therapist and supervisor. As a person, Susanne is warm and empathetic with a deeply professional approach to clients, colleagues and business partners.Susanne is Vice-President of The International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST) where she is responsible for planning the INSPIRE conference in Copenhagen in 2020.

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy is a form of therapy that can change the inappropriate patterns that have emerged during childhood and adolescence.

The concept of Schema Therapy has its origins in the cognitive concept of schemata, which has to do with basic assumptions and patterns of life: a kind of “life traps” or schemas that repeat themselves and catch one over and over and over again.

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Education and Courses

Training and Certification in Schema Therapy 2019.

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