Summary of Curriculum Vitae for Susanne Vind, M.D., certified psychiatrist

1. Highest level of education:

• Certified psychiatrist in 1997

• Supervisor in psychotherapy (Cognitive behavioural Therapy, individual Schema Therapy and group Schema Therapy.)

2. Psychotherapeutic education and experience:

• 3-year training in Group Analytical Psychotherapy, 1992-1994.

• 1-year Introduction to Psychotherapy in Copenhagen (H:S-regi), 1995.

• One-year training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in SAKT (Society For Behavioural And Cognitive Therapy) with 72 hours workshop and 30 hours supervision, 1997.

• 2-year training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in SAKT with 194 hours of theory and 150 hours of supervision, 1998-1999.

• Approved supervisor in Psychotherapy 1998 by the Danish Psychiatric Society.

• One-year training in Supervision of Cognitive Psychotherapy in SAKT with 36 hours of theory and 40 hours of supervision by psychologist, supervisor Lennart Holm, 2002.

• Underwent 40 hours of supervision by the psychologist and supervisor Iben Buemann

• Conducted the lecture “Competence Assessment & Supervision in Cognitive Therapy in general and in Schema Therapy” in a circle of supervisors among psychologists and psychiatrists

• Since 2003 participated in over 150 hours of theory and supervised training in Schema Therapy for individual and couples therapy by attending numerous workshops with Jeffrey Young. In addition, participated in workshops with other well-known Schema Therapists

• Educated in Schema Therapy from professor, psychologist Jeffrey Young, Schema Therapy Institute in New York and with over 40 hours of supervision at Jeffrey Young, 2008-2010.

• 2011 International Certified Schema Therapist at Advanced Level by ISST (International Society of Schema Therapy).

• International Certified Trainer and Supervisor in Schema Therapy by ISST, 2011.

• 2014 International Certified Group Schema Therapist at the Advanced Level of ISST – with 72 hours of theory & training as well as 25 hours of supervision with the founders of group Schema Therapy: Joan Farrell & Ida Shaw.

• 2014 Started International Training and Certification Program in Schema Therapy in Denmark with approval of the program curriculum and framework of ISST.

• Supervised numerous doctors and psychologists in cognitive behavioural therapy in their psychotherapy education from Copenhagen (H:S-regi) and SAKT – both individually and in groups.

• Supervises current professionals individually and in groups, including private groups of psychologists / psychiatrists, Psychotherapeutic section F4 at Frederiksberg Psychiatric Center, Sydgården Treatment Center and therapists at the treatment department in Sdr. Omme State Prison.

3. Work experience

• Worked in all types of psychiatric wards in Copenhagen (H:S-regi) (open ward, close ward, psychotherapeutic day hospital, district psychiatry).

• Education consultant in the Development Department, Frederiksberg Hospital.

• Senior Consultant at the Development Department, Sct. Hans Hospital, in charge of training 1200 employees in all professional groups.

• For several years educated clinical counsellors and education managers in Copenhagen (H:S-regi) on their compulsory courses.

• For several years, part of Copenhagen’s (H:S-regi) head of education group, which together accounted for all staff development for the employees of Copenhagen Hospital Community (H:S-regi).

4. Other relevant trust items

• Former member of the Supervisory Board in the Danish Medical Association for Senior Doctors.

• Former member of SAKT’s Censor Group, which has developed concept for certification of cognitive therapists in Denmark, consult and assesses applications for certification for cognitive specialist.

• Former chairman of SAKT (Society for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy).

• Member of working groups under Joan Farrel, Coordinator of Education and Certification in ISST.

• Member of The 3-C’s Committee directly under the Board and the ISST working with ethics and internal conflicts and improving the philosophy of Schema Therapy.

• Vice President in ISST, 2018-2020